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The "System" you'll actually love to use.

An Easy-To-Use Cloud Based set of Integrated Modules for managing your School and its Facilities.

Build with Modules.

Access to all modules unlike some of our competitors..
We Dont Charge Per Module
All modules are included in the subscription you choose to turn them on and off as required.
New Modules & Upgrades are made available to all subscribers automatically at no additional charge.



Student Uniforms

Staff/Facility Key Register.

Excursions & Events.


Facility Maintenance & Scheduler.

FPM - Floor Plan Manager

P.A & School Bells

Student Wellbeing

Website Hosting

Facility IT & Network

Telephone Directory

Project Management

Contractor Check-In

Staff ID & Access Control Solutions.

Essential Services & Building Compliance

Facility Supplies & Consuambles Management


SWMS - Safe Work Method Statements

MSDS - Chemical Register

Work & Purchase Orders

Quote & Proposal Management

Tax Invoice, Billing & Orders

EFTPOS & Payments